Collect and redeem Contest. 8/3 through 3/10

Collect this card every time you use our service.

Starting Friday, 3 August, I will be running a "COLLECT AND REDEEM" contest.

Every Delivery gets you one card.

When you use our delivery service, you will get one card.

Restaurants on the list gets you another card.

If you order from one of the restaurant in our list, you will get an additional card!

Top 3 customers WIN!

By the end of the contest on Friday, 10 August, the top 3 customers with the most cards will win a reward!

Rewards for this contest.

We like to make things simple for our fist contest. We will start with gift cards. Latter on we will offer a variety of rewards.


  1. $50 Gift Card
  2. $25 Gift Card
  3. $10 Gift Card


Although I keep track of the cards, I will need the actual cards to claim your prize.