A bit about me.

They call me Wheelie G.

Hello to everyone!

Thanks for trying out my service!

My name is Maurice, but customers and restaurants know me as Wheelie G. 

I have been driving for DoorDash for about a year, since 2017. Before that I worked mostly in pizza shops. Since most offered delivery, I learned the process on that side of the counter.

Thus, when I signed up to work for DoorDash, I was well acquainted with the whole process, and for a while, it was good.

Working for DoorDash made me appreciate the concept and become a better driver.  But I also grew disillusioned with the company. I knew the idea was great, but unfortunately , there are too many problems with their model, e.i., overseas operators, software glitches and hardware problems. Not to mention the wide range of delivery distances and low earning potential. What tipped my boat was when we stopped getting our cash tips. No typical delivery driver would accept that, why should online platforms impose that?

So, after 4000 deliveries and fed up with the lack of communication or platform improvement, I decided to start my own delivery service. 

Thus FAST-DRIVERS.COM was born.

It is a service that works with restaurants, and not as a middle man, like other services. Restaurants are the ones that set the delivery times and call upon our drivers. This allows for accurate orders,  efficient deliveries, and happy customers.

Our service concentrates on local deliveries for local people. We strive for speed for the sake of the quality of the product being delivered. For that reason we only deliver within the city of Vista for now.

I look forward to much growth in this company and this industry, because I believe in this concept. It allows people to make good money as drivers, and restaurants can offer delivery without hiring a dedicated driver.